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Mark Hunter

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yeah, so ... for what it's worth ...

Dear Mark,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding this issue. We know that many of our users are understandably upset about the suspensions that occurred this week, and I apologize for any distress you may have experienced personally as a result of this situation.

Many of those journals that were suspended are now unsuspended. If you have not seen the latest news, please allow me to direct you to the following links where Six Apart's CEO has made two public statements about the situation: [] & [].

Please continue to watch the News journal for updated information as well as additional opportunities to comment with your opinions about the developments, as we do care about what our users have to say regarding this situation. Please know that we'll be working to ensure that these sorts of problems will be corrected and avoided in the future, and once again I apologize for any upset that this issue may have caused you.

Carrie Stevens
Six Apart, Ltd. //
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