Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter and the Albion Rovers

As all fourteen of my regular readers know, my name is Mark Hunter and I come from Albion, Indiana. What you might not know is that I have internet alerts set, so that if someone talks about my writing I know. It's like spying, only … well, it's just like spying.

Sadly, most of the hits are about one of the other 1,400,000 Mark Hunters on the internet, which explains why I usually stick in my middle initial. But as a result, I get fun things like this:


Scottish Daily Record
Cliftonhill may have stood at the heart of Coatbridge for a century – but Albion Rovers financial director Mark Hunter refused to rule-out selling the …

So whenever I get too full of it, I can remind myself that not only am I not the only Mark Hunter from Albion, but I'm not even the financial director.

(The original story is here:

No, no, not him! Although as the CEO of Molson Coors, he's the Mark R Hunter to go to if you want a beer.

(By the way, eight of my fourteen readers have not yet bought their copy of Coming Attractions. Remember, whenever someone doesn't buy a book, a bear loses all its hair and gets teased for being a bare hair bear. Who wants that?)

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