Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

What I didn't do on my summer vacation

I'm back!

Not that we went far: we had a two week vacation that was almost all spent at home, largely because of my annual super sinus infection and some family responsibilities. I did catch up on sleep--this is something all third shifters appreciate. We also caught up on some reading and watched a season of Game of Thrones, which is not what I'd call "relaxing" TV.

More important, once I was feeling up to it I got some writing done, and I'm up to 24,500 words on my work in progress. No, not that work in progress, which is awaiting Emily's editing skills. No, not that other work in progress, which I'm holding for cooler weather and involves me going through a LOT of photographs.

The other other work in progress. The one about the two spouses and their dog, and horses, and maybe ghosts, and definitely a murder mystery, and mushrooms. It was supposed to come after the other two, but I started the first scene as a whim, couldn't stop, and just hit chapter fourteen.

I'm having loads of fun writing this story. I don't know if it'll be any good, but working on it sure helps my stress levels.

Sadly, vacation's over and it's time to put some work into promotion and marketing. Oh, and return to my full time job. *sigh*

We did go on some day trips, and in one of them I got high. You can see our car from here!

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And most places where fine books with my name on them are sold.

Tags: books, medical stuff, travel, vacation, we love trouble, writing

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