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my letter to LiveJournal feedback

Because, yeah, I've been pissy anyway and I just can't keep my mouth shut:

Dear LJ team,

It seems there is a vigilante group called Warriors for Innocence that has taken it upon itself to singlehandedly censor all of LiveJournal, despite having no real experience with the site or its population. As a conservative, law and order leaning writer who actually works in law enforcement, I'm all for stopping any sexual predatory who might try to use the site for illegal means. However, it appears users and communities who are not breaking any law, and who are not encouraging the breaking of any law, are being targeted and shut down.

I urge you to strongly oppose giving in to a fanatical few and, in so doing, victimizing the large number who have counted on your site for the open expression of ideas. This would appear to be a case in which a small minority of zealots have taken it upon themselves to tell others what they can and cannot say, and to punish those who don't comply.

Interestingly, this is how both the Nazis and the Communists started out. Have we once again not learned from history?

Thanks for listening,
Mark Hunter
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