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Yeah, so ...

This is something that happened a few weeks ago, but I held off doing a post about it until I was sure it was okay with my oldest, leap_to_faith. About two months ago she and her husband started moving in with me to save money for both of us (and because they were having trouble with their landlord.) Around a month ago they were completely moved in.

About 3 weeks ago he just suddenly walked out the door, without so much as a hint of why or whether he would be coming back. Yesterday he came to get his ultra-sized TV, stereo system, and tool box, which to me is a sure size that he's not planning to come back.

Things have not been fun at my house. I can't give a lot more details, except to say we've all been taking this very hard and pretty much everyone involved has been an emotional mess. I've been, frankly, hanging on by my fingernails, when I'm not busy clapping my hands over my mouth and trying not to become obnoxious. I've also been more tempted toward violence in recent days than I have been in years -- and I'm not a violent person.

If it seems I haven't been around LJ much recently, this is the big reason why. I've been struggling hard to keep up with my flist, and even made some new friends recently, for which I'm always grateful. I also have a bit of fiction on the way, but I just haven't had the time to comment that I used to. The main thing I want to say is for everyone, but especially for my friends who don't get a lot of comments, who have been going through tough times, or who are putting out fanfic:

I can't get to all the fiction, but otherwise I read each and every one of the posts on my flist. If things continue to be bad and I don't have time to comment, be assured I *am* reading, and that my thoughts are with all of you. (And I'll still comment when I can.) But I'm so far behind on both RL and LJ that I can't begin to tell you, and I'm also trying to spend more time with both kids as long as this is going on. Just wanted to make sure no one thought I was abandoning them.

And thanks for reading this!
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