Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

I'll be doing a TV interview Tuesday

Got a haircut. Trimmed my beard. Died my beard. Yeah, I'm as ready as I can get.

I'm going to be on TV! Specifically a program called Arts In Focus, which airs on PBS39 in Fort Wayne. Here's a link to their previous Arts In Focus profiles:

They contacted me after I sent out a press release about Coming Attractions, and said they'd heard a lot about my books. I took that to mean they got all my previous press releases. 😃

So far as I can tell I'll be their first author interviewed, which means I'll also be their least photogenic subject. I've been watching other episodes, where they've featured photographers, painters, dancers, woodworkers, glass artists, and confectionary artists--which I learned means making yummy sweets that also look good. Often the subjects are shown producing their art, which is really cool.

I'm going to ... talk. Or maybe they'll film me typing and reading, as Eric Olson did over on ABC21. Yes, writing is an art, but unlike those other arts, it's not a spectator sport. So we'll see how it goes ... maybe between now and then I can come up with an interpretive writer's dance?

Eric thought reading my own book is so much fun to watch!

Tags: interview, promotion, publicity, television, the writing process, tv, writing

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