Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Website updates, and print books available!

Emily has updated the website and yes, Coming Attractions is up and ready to order in both print and e-book versions. Check it out and read a sample here:

(You know, after all this time I still have trouble getting used to the idea of a website with my name on it.)

She sent in a print order, and there's a form you can use on the website to order one straight from us, signed or unsigned. ('Cause do you really want graffiti in your brand new book?) And hey, just let us know if you want her to sign it! You can pay with PayPal, or a credit card, or a debit card ... but my scheme to take payment in large blocks of milk chocolate didn't work out.

Of course, you could just knock on the front door and ask for a copy, when they arrive in a week or so--but I'd suggest calling ahead, so the dog doesn't get too upset. 

"Sorry, I can't get your book right now: I'm out testing my fur coat."


Don't forget to review! Authors survive on three things: Sales, reviews, and caffeine. One can build on the others.

As I've mentioned before, here's the post that mentions all the places you can order Coming Attractions and most of our other books:


And remember: Every time you buy a book, the winter gets just a bit warmer. Help us out of the snowdrifts.



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