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meme stolen from the disturbingly familiar darsynia

So ... what fictional character do I remind you of?


It goes without saying at one point or another we have suddenly observed that a person on our friends list oddly behaves, speaks, and acts like a character from a fandom in which we participate. It dawns on us that they are, for want of a better word, a near replica of that very character and we never lose that idea of them, as that certain person. So, if you've hesitated to admit to someone that you've regarded them as a particular character, out of the fear of looking like a lifeless loser who rarely escapes from the house, here's your opporunity to finally acknowledge it. Simply leave a comment with your username and link to it from your LiveJournal; then your friends - or random people, even - will reply to it saying which fandom character they feel you are most like. Who knows? There may be a consistent agreement among your friends list that you suffer from OCD as severe as Argus Filch.

Please remember to pimp!
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