Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Our Newspaper Feature Is Live!

I sent out a press release about seeking photos for our new book--and ended up on the front page of the Living Section in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

The funny thing is, after an interview with J-G author Blake Sebring, the article ended up not being about that specific project at all! Instead, he did a general profile of Emily and me, and our writing careers. Thanks to Blake, who did a great job.


 The only thing I'd add is that our contact information didn't end up in the article. Emily just finished updating our website, which now includes order information for the newest novel, Coming Attractions:


All our books can be ordered from our book page there, or look us up at all the usual places, including amazon at

Tags: afd, emily, firefighting, interview, promotion, publicity, publishing

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