Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Happy birthday to my favorite Christmastime daughter!

Happy birthday to my youngest daughter, Jill!


She was kinda boring on day one, but she got better.


She used to go by Jillian, but apparently she's all grown up now, or somethin'.


Her sister Charis tried to teach her basketball, but her jump shot was terrible.



Last year she got an early Christmas present that was pretty much the greatest, not to mention the most expensive.


Wait, that's the practice baby from high school! Good training.



Maybe that's why this year the most practical present would be a plus sized case of one-year diapers. But that's okay, because she gets that first present all over again whenever Lillianna smiles.


Say it with me:  Awwwww!!!!!



Which she doesn't do for me nearly awesome enough; we need to work on that.


"Dad, Mom, stop posing and let me eat cake!"




Well, I may be a grandfather times three now, but I'll always be dad. Many happy returns!


Two daughters! Yay!


Other photos were okay, but they seemed to lilac something.


Tags: birthdays, family, jillian, lillianna

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