Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Christmas Parade Pics

Just a few pics from this year's Albion Christmas Parade, which--as you might imagine--happened in Albion. And by a few I mean the only ones that came out even close to clear, because my camera handles temps in the 20s about as well as I do.


There were a lot of Jeeps ... in case of deep snow, I assume. Ironically, it's been snowing far to the south, leaving us with nothing but cold.


This vehicle was made entirely out of black pine, which is amazing. Or, possibly, it's the entry from Black Pine Animal Sanctuary.



This vehicle was just driving down Highway 8 when two rare white deer ran out and jumped right onto its trailer.



Hope floats. Which is a word play, for those who remember that movie.



Jason Brown is the best elf in town, although I'm puzzled about why he's not on a shelf.




It's Frosty the Snow ... Thing ...



I always seem to catch Santa going--which is fine as long as he leaves chocolate.


Tags: christmas, holidays, parade, winter

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