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Mark Hunter

Coming Attractions Cover, or: I'd like to thank my editor/wife/cover designer/layout coordinator

NOTE: I already sent this out on the newsletter, but I'd like everyone to know about Emily's hard work on the Coming Attractions cover. Also--and I'll mention this a lot--it's already up on Amazon for Kindle, even in the UK, France, and Germany:

The first idea Emily and I had for a Coming Attractions book cover didn't work out, and I'm glad. That's because Emily came up with something better, which she excels at.

It's a romantic comedy, but I didn't want the overused Hot Guy/Beautiful Woman cover art. Since the story is about a fight to save a drive-in movie theater, I thought of using some actual photos I took of the Auburn-Garrett Drive-In, and maybe having either the marquee or the movie screen frame the title. But for the life of me I couldn't find the original, large version of those pictures. The too small copies are here:

It would have taken a bit of Photoshop magic, of course. But while I was rooting around for the photos, Emily came up with another idea that I ended up liking better, even though I actually brainstormed and outlined the story at the Auburn-Garrett.

As a refresher, here's what Coming Attractions is about:

In the darkness of an Indiana drive-in movie theater, Maddie McKinley returns from the concession stand, climbs into the wrong van, and gets tackled by the father of the kids inside. Logan Chandler is embarrassed about roughing her up, but also intrigued by the beautiful young woman from Boston, who arrived alone at the movies wearing an expensive dress. Unfortunately, he’s the local businessman leading a battle to save the drive-in from developers—and she’s the attorney sent to make sure it’s torn down.

And here's the final result, which you should be able to click on to make bigger:

What do you think? Interested in reading it in one format or another? (After all, I have to figure out how many print copies to order!)
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