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If you haven't already heard, the Kindle version of Coming Attractions is available for pre-order! You can get all the details here:


Or you could just wait a few days, because it should be live on Black Friday--and available to order without fighting a crowd. Or you could wait a little while longer, when we'll have the print version up and hopefully other e-book versions, too.

If I get, oh, a hundred sales across all platforms by the end of the month, I'll ... I dunno, something. I'm making this up as I go along. Maybe read one of my poems live? Or post my high school graduation photo?

Or would those be less of a reward, and more of a punishment?


Oh, and here's an idea: If I make a thousand total sales of all our books between now and January 1st, I'll do that ice bucket challenge thing everyone used to talk about. Why? Well, because I've never made a thousand sales in a month, and it would be neat.


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