Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Why Spring Sucks so Far, and picspam

I haven't had much chance to post lately ... still don't, but I'm posting anyway, because it's snowing like crazy on the 11th of April and I just have to tell somebody.

Okay, so ... it's snowing like crazy. On the 11th of April. I have some snow pics, but I can't find my camera connector cord (say that three times fast), so they'll have to come later.

Meanwhile, my oldest daughter Charis, her husband Bo, their cat, and all their fishes have moved in, which is taking some adjustment, but it's all good. the cat likes to sit on the radiator in the dining room, watching out the picture window while the world goes by. Since my office is now back in the dining room again, we're sharing -- he walks across my desk and by the computer to get there. So far, minimal sneezing as long as I don't pet him too much.

I thought his dander was giving me a sore throat late last week, but it didn't seem like the normal allergic reaction, so when it got worse over the weekend I went to see the doctor. Strep throat. For those of you who haven't experienced it, here's a link to the story I wrote the last time I had it, a few years ago:

But I'm on heavy antibiotics, and I'm already feeling a bit better, so it's all good.

Well, not all. A snowplow just went by. *sigh*

A couple of weeks ago it was warm enough, even on a windy day, to take a walk down by Bixler Lake park, near Kendallville:

The trees were just beginning to bud:

But then, as in this image taken from behind the fire station, snow assaulted the newly green grass:

And it's been snowing ever since. At least Chopper has been having fun, with his new mouse shaped bag of kitty drugs:

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