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friends meme

borrowed with interest from the always interesting roonblah. Feel free to reply, or not -- time demands have been killing us all recently.

The blank page:

Preferred name:
Area in the world:
Your favourite things about you:
Random trivia:

Are you a writer?
What do you write:
Best parts about being a writer:

Fan-fiction. Love it/Hate it?

Favourite tv shows:
Favourite movies:
Favourite books:
Favourite musicians/groups:
Favourite fictional characters:
Favourite LJ communities:
Favourite websites:

Topics you would like to see from me:

Anything else?

Preferred name: Steve Jobs (Cause he's got money and a lifetime supply of Macs). But I go by Mark.
Area in the world: Albion, Indiana, USA
Your favourite things about you: I like my writing, usually. Is that bragging? I guess it is.
Random trivia: I got elected three years ago to Albion's Town Council. Apparently I felt I wasn't busy enough.

Are you a writer? You betcha
What do you write: humor columns, newspaper articles, fanfiction, romantic comedies, science fiction, action stories, mysteries, outraged letters to the editor ... what do you want me to write?
Best parts about being a writer: Reviews!
Worst: Trying to sell it.

Fan-fiction. Love it/Hate it? Love it -- it's the ultimate case of writing for the sheer love of writing.

Favourite tv shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Heroes, Mail Call -- I watch way too much TV, don't I?
Favourite movies: I haven't seen a new one for awhile, but I'm a sucker for any good science fiction or comedy.
Favourite books: The Oz books, the Harry Potter books, the Stephanie Plum books -- apparently I'm also a sucker for book series.
Favourite musicians/groups: Oh, way too many to count, I'm eclectic. (Or is it confused?)
Favourite fictional characters: Um ... Dorothy Gale of the Oz books and Stephanie Plum from Janet Evanovich's novels, both for their bravery and spunkiness.
Favourite LJ communities: Oh, I don't know ... add_a_writer has certainly confirmed to me that I'm really not alone as a fiction writer.
Favourite websites: LiveJournal, duh!

Topics you would like to see from me: I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean ... and I'm too tired to try to work it out in my fuzzy brain. As far as topics, I think everybody's doing just fine.

Anything else? Being cold sucks. Sore throats suck. Sucking sucks.
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