Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

The Wal-Mart story

JillyH2009 and I were standing at the checkout at Wal-Mart, where I'd put an anti-allergent spray and cooking spray, among other things, on the belt. This lady in front of me glanced at my items, then looked up at me and said, "Am I going to read about this in the paper?

My first thought was that those items must be prime ingredients for some kind of homemade bomb, and she was suggesting I was going to blow something up. But then I realized she was talking about my column, and I said something like, "Well, instead of spraying this anti-allergent Fabreze on my furniture, I could spray it on the cat. That would just seem to make sense, wouldn't it? Take a step out of the process?"

She proceeded -- here comes the good part -- to tell me I was the "funniest writer in the world". So apparently she reads my column, or maybe picked up my shopping list.

I barely managed to sputter, "Well, Dave Berry might disagree with that", and that's about all I could say. After she paid and walked off, I turned to Jillian and said, "I have NO IDEA who that was". (Later she introduced herself to leap_to_faith at the phramacy, but I still didn't recognize the name.)

Not that it mattered. I smiled the rest of the afternoon. :-)
Tags: writing

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