Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Jill Mapes

Okay, so I'm a bad dad for not getting these photos up before. It's a long story, but never mind me: On August 18th my youngest daughter, Jill Hunter, became Jill Mapes. That's right, she entered the witness protection program.

No, no -- she got married!

That's Jill on the left, and Doug on the right. You probably already guessed that.

They have a lot in common. This cute little Lilly, for instance.

Big Sis was there too, naturally.

With big Sis came, of course, little nephews:

Hunter ...

And Brayden

It's been a particularly busy summer since then, but my only real excuse is that other people got better photos than I did. Many happy returns!

Tags: charis, family, grandkids, jillian, weddings

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