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Commentary meme

Oh, okay, *fine* :-> I gave in and posted this, because I'm overwhelmed with curiosity over whether anyone's interested. And, yes, like most writers I love to talk about the writing process. If you bite, be patient -- I'm a bit hard pressed on the time issue right now. But once things are cleaned up at home, this might be just the thing to decompress with a bit.

The DVD Commentary Meme:

If you've ever watched your favorite dvds, and then found yourself eager to hear exactly what the actors, directors, writers and even production designers thought about making the episode, the movie, or whatever - you'll know sometimes the best parts of dvds are hearing the commentaries. Getting into an actor's feelings about the character they play, getting the background behind a writer's plans and metaphors, even just getting the stupid anecdotal stuff that makes you laugh, it's all good.

Ask me about any story, and I'll do a DVD commentary for it! Satisfy your curiosity!
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