Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

A little time away from the modem and router is a good thing

Missed the big wedding, heard rumors of a new comedy duo named Laurel and Yanni, spent some time on a major earthquake fault line along the Mississippi River (during a severe thunderstorm), hardly been online at all ...
I'm not sure which those should go into the good or the bad category of vacationing. But since we didn't get swallowed up by the river or hit by lighting (yet), I guess we're doing okay.
While looking out over the Mississippi at New Madrid I saw a small whirlpool, so you could say that New Madrid is both shaken and stirred. I say these puns are their fault.
"Hey, let's all go on the narrow pier over a giant river right on the spot where the land splits in two!"

Pointing toward the river. New Madrid is a small town of around 3,500, but they have a Port Authority office.

If this is the storm shelter, we're in trouble.

It's a-boat time.
Tags: missouri, storms, travel, vacation

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