Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Happy 80th, Great-Grandpa Delbert

Delbert, otherwise known as my Dad! We had a surprise 80th birthday party for him earlier this month at one of my favorite places, the Noble County Public Library main facility in Albion. The gifts, at his request: Pepsi and Snickers candy bars. Hey, he's 80, he should get whatever he wants.

That's Dad on the left, Aunt Dorothy, and Uncle Rodney.

It's very important, during a birthday celebration, to have a birthday cake. Them's the rules.

Santa! I know him! Oh, wait ... that's my brother Jeff, in one of those very few occasions I could get a pic without him making a face. His wife Cathy is beside him, and across is Cousin Vickie.

And now for my favorite table! Daughter Charis on the left, then Cathy, Emily, Lillianna, and  daughter Jillian.

Just a small part of the group as they arrive from every state of the Union, or at least three of them.

Kids! SO many kids! This is all that would stand still at one time.

Tags: birthdays, charis, emily, family, grandkids, jillian, lillianna

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