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Award! Times two!

My story "Faith's Lesson" has won the Judges Choice Award, and second place in the Best Potential/Slayer Fic category, on Round 2 of the Serenity On the Hellmouth Awards!

This makes me squee and do the Snoopy Dance.

If anyone hasn't read it and is interested, it can be found here:

The award site is here:

It's been on hiatus for awhile -- so long that I'd forgotten I was nominated, way back last spring. But that's okay, better late than never! Special thanks to sockmonkeyhere, who took the time to let me know the award banners had been posted and who, if I remember correctly, nominated me in the first place (after discovering I'm one of those weird people who refuses to nominate himself). I really should blow my own horn more often, but it makes things that much nicer when other people take the time to nominate me.
Tags: awards, btvs, buffy, fanfiction, fiction

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