Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

The Black Building at Christmas

The Black Building has played a big role in two of my history books, plus it's an art gallery now and has a historical mural on the side, so ... cool! I took these photos during the Albion Christmas parade.

It's called the Black Building because it, and two others on the same location before it, were built by the Black family, early Albion business people.

And now, as I said, it's an art gallery. There's an antique store down the street, and two historical murals on the same block. If you look closely, I believe you can see the gallery's owner through the window. His wife was taking much better photos than mine, from the roof!

Go there to see lots of paintings and other kinds of art and, yeah, my books.

Tags: albion, black building, christmas, history

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