Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Radio Red in Christmas colors

My imagination is sometimes lacking when it comes to promoting my work ... although I should point out that my wife shot down both the sandwich board idea and, for financial reasons, the sky writing. Still, she did come up with something I hadn't considered when it comes to my newest book:

See, it's Christmas season, that time when many businesses make the lion's share of their annual profit. It was Emily who pointed out that the cover of Radio Red is also the traditional Christmas colors: red and green. (Come to think of it, so is one of the main characters.)

They're also stoplight colors, but never mind.

So you, anyone who buys our books is being festive!

If someone opens a box with Radio Red in it for Christmas, do you know what they'll say?

Well, okay, yeah, they'll say "what's a Radio Red?" But they'll also say, "Cool, Christmas colors!" Even if they download it as an e-book, because the cover's still there.

This is way better than my idea of tattooing all my book titles to my forehead.

Tags: christmas, promotion, publishing, radio red, romantic comedy, writing

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