Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Happy Book Selling Season

Being preoccupied with National Novel Writing Month, which is by definition a month long, I haven't done any work to sell my books in November.

You're welcome.

There's no better way to tell if promotion works than by not doing it for awhile, and sure enough--promotion works. So, although you're already inundated with people asking you to buy stuff this time of the year, I'm asking you to buy stuff.

It's the perfect time, since you can give my books for Christmas, or read them yourself and then gift them (be careful with coffee, and cookie crumbs). We have nine books now, which still astounds me, and the best place to check them all out remains our website at:

For those of you who don't do the internet shopping thing, to my knowledge the only place where you can physically pick up copies is the Noble Art Gallery, at 100 E. Main Street (the corner of Main and Orange) in Albion, Indiana. They don't have my latest book, because things have been crazy in my life and I haven't had time to talk to them about carrying it, but I believe they have all the others--and if you want to see Radio Red, just contact me or them and I'll get it up there. The advantage is that the Noble Art Gallery also has all sorts of art from all sorts of other artists, so you can support them and do some Christmas shopping.

The exception is the Barnes and Noble store at Glenbrook Square in Fort Wayne, which as of a couple of months ago still had a few copies of Images of America: Albion and Noble County.

If you do like online shopping, go to or the Barnes and Noble website, do a book search for Mark R Hunter, and there I am. Many of our books are around at other websites, too, including the Simon and Schuster site.

And finally, just contact me or Emily! We have a supply of books at home--if it's not too far from Albion, we'll even deliver. Get them from me, our website, or the Noble Art Gallery, and you can get them signed. In our house, we still do cursive.

Also we'll do bulk discounts for someone who wants to, say, buy three or four books. Or nine.

Tags: barnes & noble, books, nanowrimo, print books, promotion, publicity, radio red, simon and schuster, writing

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