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Those of you who read my story "Mary Stu Got Harried" know that my original character, Richard, had a bit of a romantic flirtation with Tara. Aside from the obvious concerns -- He's way older than her, and she's dead -- there's also the fact that he's obviously a Mary Sue character (See title of story!)

All my stories are in the same universe, so they'll encounter each other in the future. For those who read the story (and what the heck, for those who didn't), I'm curious to know how you feel: Is it *ever* okay for canon and OC characters to get together, especially Mary Sue characters? So, I created my very first, and far too simplistic, poll:

Poll #922420 Mary Stu and canon mixers

Should Richard the Watcher be allowed a romance with Tara?

Sure, it's your story
No way, he's a Mary Sue
a little flirtation would be fun
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