Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

And so it begins ... NaNoWriMo writing

 Aaaaannnnddd ... away we go. 2,196 words done on the first day ... but because I didn't insert the word count into the NaNoWriMo website until just after midnight, it's assuming I did them on the second day--so I'm already behind.


National Novel Writing Month begins. 


I feel like I'm one of those guys who walks a marathon. I'm definitely going to finish, but I'm not all that worried about those young author pups who get there before me. 50,000 words in thirty days? My goal is 50,000 in six weeks, and since six is a smaller number than thirty, I win!


It's all about coming out of it with a finished novel. And that, I've learned in recent years, I can do.


Tags: fiction writing, fire on mist creek, nanowrimo, the writing process, writing

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