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btVS fanfiction: "Mary Stu Got Harried" Chapter 8 of 14

Title: Mary Stu Got Harried
chapter 8 of 14
Author: ozma914
Crossover With: Star Wars, the Oz books, My Chemical Romance. Kind of. In a way.

Warning: Extreme Mary Suism.
Disclaimer: All characters who belong to Joss and co, belong to Joss and co.

Summary: post-Chosen: A group of watchers and slayers taking a creative writing class are assigned a simple lesson in author intrusion. But nothing’s ever simple when magic is -- literally -- in the air.

Mary Stu Got Harried, Chapter Eight: Not in Kansas Anymore

(In which somebody's going to have some explaining to do)


“Oh my goddess! Kennedy tricked me!” Grabbing a dish towel from Richard’s kitchenette, Tara started sopping up the tea she’d spit onto the wall and floor.

“We don’t --”

“I wasn’t spying on them! I was helping!” Tara threw the towel into the sink, and in a flash was out the door.

“Tara --” But before Richard could follow her, Tara came back through the door, slamming it behind her.

“She’s not here -- she’s in England.”

“Yes --”

“With Willow. They’re probably snogging.” Tara slammed her fist against the door, the first time he’d ever seen the remotest sign of violence from her.

“Well, I don’t know what time it is in --”

“She seemed so sincere --” Then Tara stopped, frozen in the act of hitting the door again. “Richard?”

He stared at her, desperately afraid of where this was about to go. Despite all that had happened, Tara was still a powerful witch -- and might even have the ability to undo Kennedy’s spell. “Yes?”

Slowly, Tara opened the door again. She edged into the hallway, then backed once more into the apartment. “Don’t you feel that?” she whispered.

He went to stand beside her, but felt only Tara’s presence. “What?”

“Magic. Powerful magic ... it’s drifting in the air, like currents.”

Now on alert, Richard stepped out and scanned for any signs of noise or movement. “From the band?”

But Tara shook her head. “I think My Chemically Romanced is a symptom, not a cause. There’s something going on here much, much more serious than we originally thought.” Grabbing Richard’s arm, she led him down the hallway. “We’ll deal with my problem later. Which is for the best, because if Kennedy appeared before me right now I’d turn her into a toad.”

In a flash of light, Kennedy appeared before her.


Kara, having stopped only long enough to don jeans and her blue Barbie t-shirt, made it halfway to her father’s quarters when a glimpse of movement stopped her in her tracks.

It had come from the glass door to the lounge, a large room that looked out over Chicago and held an array of games, as well as an entertainment center. It wasn’t at all unusual for someone to be in there, even this late at night; but Kara’s slayer intuition tingled, and she sensed something out of kilter. Turning, she moved silently back to the door and peeked inside.

A little girl stood at the far windows, her hands pressed to the glass, staring out at the city. She wore a blue checked gingham dress that struck Kara as old fashioned, along with white silk stockings and black patent leather shoes. Kara couldn’t see her face, but between the dress and the girl’s shoulder length blonde hair, she seemed familiar. Most familiar was the odd belt the girl wore around her waist, which clashed outrageously with the rest of the outfit. It was well over six inches wide, silver colored, and encrusted with what appeared to be real, multicolored gems.

Kara knew everyone who had reason to be in watcher’s headquarters: slayers, watchers, and staff. This wasn’t one of them. But she was familiar, and when the girl noticed Kara’s reflection in the glass and turned, the slayer felt a shock of recognition.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” the girl, who appeared to be about twelve or younger, spoke with a Plains States accent. “I know I should have gone looking for someone, but I’ve never been this high up before -- isn’t the view wonderful?”

“Um ... yeah, I guess it is.”

“I’ve only seen Chicago in pictures. It’s sure changed, hasn’t it?” The girl glanced toward the far wall, where the names and pictures of all the slayers and their supporters were emblazoned on a wall. “It’s a real different world from what I remember.”

“How did you get here?” Kara blurted out, her words covering at least two meanings in this case.

“I don’t really know.” The girl smiled. It was a sweet smile, and Kara reflected that she really did look sweet, just like the books described her. She was slim, and had flawless, pale skin and a pretty face with fine features, and she was impossibly alive. “I was just taking a walk with Ozma, and all of a sudden here I was. That kind of thing tends to happen to me.” She sighed, but didn’t appear scared or even particularly upset with this turn of events.

“But -- you’re not real.”

“Why, I sure am!” Then, with a look of consternation, the little girl gave Kara a curtsey. “Oh, I’m terribly sorry. If my aunt and uncle knew how much I forgot to mind my manners, they’d tan me even now -- I forgot the introductions.

“My name is Dorothy Gale.”


“Little man!” Padme put her arm around Andrew and held him upright while she pushed the paper bag against his face. “Breath!”

“No, no, I’m okay.” Shaking his head, he pushed the bag away and made a mental note to seal it up in plastic later. “It’s Andrew.”

“Who’s he? A Sith Lord?”

“No -- I’m Andrew, that’s my name. The Sith Lord is a guy named Darth Vader, and if I’m right, he’s running around Chicago somewhere, looking for you.”


“Because I wrote it into a story, and the story seems to be coming true.”

“But --” Grabbing Andrew’s hand, she held it against her face. “I’m real, Andrew. Can you feel me?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, with a dreamy smile.

“Then I can’t just be a character in a story.”

“Well ...” He was finding it hard to think, with one of Padme’s arms around him and the other holding his hand against her warm skin. “Maybe I somehow called you from another dimension, or something. I got hit by black magic, recently -- sort of like the dark side of the Force, only it can hold on sometimes and have strange after effects.” Trying to be nonchalant, he moved his hand down toward her neck. Yep --pulse.

“Oh, you poor thing.” Padme held him closer, which was, after all, what he had written her to do. “Well, the only thing to do is track down this Darth Vader and vanquish him, so I can go back home and wait for Annie to grow up and get that handsome face and rippling muscles. Then I assume he’ll quit the Jedi order and we can retire to Naboo together to ...” She blushed. “Um, learn about each other.”

“But -- you’d leave me?”

“Oh, Andrew ... you’re really cute, but my future is elsewhere. Besides, I’m sure teenage queens are all over the place in this reality.” She gathered him in for a close hug.

“Okay, but ... before we go get help ...” He felt her breasts push against him, and gulped. “Um, do you think we can take a little time first to ... make out?”

She drew back and looked at him. “Make out what?”
Tags: buffy, buffy fiction, crossovers, fanfiction, mary stu got harried, oz
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