Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Rockabye Baewulf, in Aneshesia

Poor Bae had a rough day. He needed a good teeth cleaning and had to be anesthesized for it, which is a fancy way of saying put to sleep, but that's not a term you want to use when talking about pets. I suggested reading one of my books to him, but the vet thought we should use a more scientific method. Also, the vet refused to buy one of my books.

He also needed to have his nails trimmed. (Bae, not the vet. Well, maybe both.) Now, we don't know what happened to the poor guy before we got him (Bae, not the vet); but one thing we've learned is that you are not going to trim his nails while he's awake. The only time I ever saw him try to bite someone was when they were trying to give him a trim.

So we dropped Bae off at the vet at 8 a.m., with instructions to pick him up sometime between 2 and 5 p.m. We rushed back in at 1:55.

You see, in addition to it being the first time he was away from home without us, it was the first time we were home without him since he first arrived. Mommy and Daddy were very stressed. We were also worried about how he'd handle being in a kennel without us around: When we first got Bae, we had a metal cage to keep him in until he was potty trained, for when we had to go away. It was one of those heavy gauge wire things, designed for large dogs, since Bae weights around 90 pounds.

He tore it apart. That's not a figurative term, he literally tore it apart.

We shouldn't have worried: When they led Bae out the best he could do was give us a weak tail wave and stumble to the car. At home he summoned up enough energy to jump onto Emily's spot on the couch, where he remained. That stuff stayed in his system for hours, while we fed him a little broth and petted him, which he didn't seem to notice. It's too bad this had to disrupt his nap schedule. I myself took a three hour nap, and when I got up he was still out of it.

Next time I go to the dentist, I want me some of that stuff.
"Dude, stop with the pictures. I just want to sleeeppp....zzzzzzzz"

Tags: a dog's life, animals, bae, dog, dogs, pets
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