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my other car is a fire truck

You know that sick feeling you get when you're driving down the street and all of the sudden your car slows down, even though your foot is still on the accelerator, and all those mysterious red and yellow lights on your dash start flashing at you?

Yeah, that sick feeling.

Well, my little Nissan Sentra decided it wanted the weekend off, and it's now resting at the local auto shop. My son-in-law came out to get JillyH2009 to school on time, then checked the car and announced it's a mysterious electrical problem involving a lack of electricity, before breaking out a tow strap and helping me get it to the shop. Since I had a bad head cold anyway, I called in sick last night and didn't worry (too much) about missing a fire call. After all, I had plenty enough to worry about, continually pulling out my checkbook and waiting for the repairman to call.

He hasn't, yet. It's not as bad as waiting for the doctor's test results, but it's still pretty stressful.

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