Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

We'll See If It's a Big Announcement

Big new announcement coming up within the next few days on the newsletter—big announcement.
Um … well, it’s big to me. I mean, in the cosmic scheme of things it’s pretty small. I’m not exploding a star, or starring in a movie, or moving to Tibet … okay, so maybe it’s a small announcement. Stop mocking me!
But it’s about a book, and not the one I’ve already told you about. And it’s about a book you can get for free, and that free book is connected to that other book of mine I told you about, and … you know what? It’s huge.
Huge. There. I said it.
If you haven’t already signed, head on over to, and go to the bottom where it says subscribe to our mailing list, and the rest is pretty easy. As I’ve said before, I don’t sell e-mail addresses or sign people up for spam, unless I receive at least fourteen million dollars per address. And sure, in theory that could happen … and in theory I could star in a movie filmed in Tibet about an exploding star.
But I really doubt it.
Not this one ... but it's connected.
Tags: anthology, ink slingers' league, ol' man wickleberry, publishing, radio red, romantic comedy, writing
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