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I can't say we did all that well at our most recent author appearance ... in fact, we took a loss, because I bought some stuff myself. My theory is that we went to the well too often: All three of this year's book signings happened within six months, and within less than a mile of each other. In addition, it was our third trip to the Noble Art Gallery, which is still the only business that sells signed copies of all our print books. (Including Hoosier Hysterical.)

But that's the way it goes, and sometimes the connections and promotion work has more down-the-road benefits than the appearances themselves. Besides, now I can use this to guilt people into buying our books, which (by the way) make great Christmas gifts.

Besides, Dan Gagen had some Albion related books out on display, and a collection of old issues from The Noble County American, the Albion newspaper his father ran for something like a billion years, so I spent my time in historical hog heaven. I even found a thirty-five year old photo of myself, which I may or may not someday show people. And the view from his front window is something else:

If you look closely, you'll see members of the Albion Lions Club selling citrus on the Noble County Courthouse Square. I sneaked over and got my orange/grapefruit mix box.

The view looking inside ain't so bad, either. See anything you're interested in?

You want art? 100 E. Main Street, Albion. You're welcome.

Note the table made of books. I have several towers of books stacked around my house, but they weren't intended as furniture.

Tags: albion, book signing, history, noble art gallery, noble county courthouse

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