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Okay, so I'm a bad dad for not getting these photos up before. It's a long story, but never mind me: On August 18th my youngest daughter, Jill Hunter, became Jill Mapes. That's right, she entered the witness protection program.

No, no -- she got married!

That's Jill on the left, and Doug on the right. You probably already guessed that.

They have a lot in common. This cute little Lilly, for instance.

Big Sis was there too, naturally.

With big Sis came, of course, little nephews:

Hunter ...

And Brayden

It's been a particularly busy summer since then, but my only real excuse is that other people got better photos than I did. Many happy returns!

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Horsing Around at the Pokagon Saddle Barn

The saddle barn up at Pokagon State Park is still open on weekends after Labor Day, usually until the weekend of Halloween (depending on the weather). But for some reason a lot of people don't know that, and since it's where my wife works:

The Pokagon Saddle Barn is still open on weekends after Labor Day. There. The first trail ride leaves at 10 a.m., and the last at 5 p.m. When you consider they start setting up an hour early, and have to put everything away after the last ride returns, that makes for a long day.

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to take a few photos while everyone was opening up the barn for the morning. Not to worry: I was on the not-getting-stomped-on side of the fence:

When the gate is opened in the morning, some of the horses come running.

Some of them kind of just ... hang out.

In fact, if you look at this photo carefully you can see Emily way off toward the back of the pasture, where she had to go chase a few of the horses down to the gate.

And here Emily has caught up with one. Don't let the size difference fool you: The horse knows who's really in charge.

Emily's boss was also there that morning, wrestling the horses into submission. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

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Lead, Follow Me, or Just Watch the Videos

I used to blog every day, after hearing authors say it kept their names in front of their readers. Then I realized blogging every day left me with no time to actually write anything for readers to read. Also, I'm not interesting every day--even after editing myself.

But this time I've been away from my blog for two whole weeks, which might be a record. I actually had a real vacation, by which I mean I not only didn't do my full time job, I didn't even work on  writing. (We did spend a portion of our vacation in medical facilities, but that's tradition.)

I missed it. The writing, not the full time job. But sometimes a guy's gotta take a break.

But I wasn't totally offline. We've taken some very short videos in places we visited--I've posted a half dozen on Instagram so far, and they cross posted to Twitter and Facebook. They're fun videos, kinda, and give you a little sense of where we were, maybe, and if you turn the volume all the way up you can hear me, sorta. (I'm new to the video thing, and haven't gotten the volume part quite figured out yet. Some so far unpublished videos will probably have to come with subtitles.)

Having had very little luck posting videos to Blogger, I'd like to steer those who are interested over to my other accounts. I get videos and pictures up on Instagram:


Although I once swore never to go there, I'm a Tweeting Twit at:


When my first book came out Emily set me up with another account at https://twitter.com/StormChaserbook, but let's face it: The same stuff mostly goes up on both.

There's a similar thing going on at Facebook, where my regular account is at


Personally, I'd rather everyone follow me on my author's page, at


Why? Because as I understand it, it's easier to find what your favorite author is up to that way ... and don't you need someone else to fill in the time between hearing from your favorite author? Gaiman and Martin don't exactly post every day, you know. (By the way, I loved their comedy routines.)

Also, I've been hearing noises that small businesses (which is what authors are) are going to have a harder time promoting from personal FB pages, but we'll see. In any case, I'd very much like to avoid losing track of people who might someday want to read one of my books.

Or--and I hate to say this--you could do nothing. Because let's face it, you'll see the best of the photos we took right here, sooner or later, whether you read this on Blogger, Livejournal, or any of the other places I post to. I kind of like the little videos, but they'll never be nominated for a ... do they have an Internet Video Award?

I just realized that our only big news from vacation was that we bought a car-top carrier for camping gear. It's a nice change, to have no major accidents or illnesses.

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