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Storm Chaser Shorts

Cold air funnel forms You shaped Tube


 I posted this video of a cold air funnel on my little-used YouTube page (and previously on Instagram, which is a bit more used.) Now that I think of it, it was quite a day for us: We were on our way to the drive-in, our first trip to the movies in something like two years (Black Widow and The Boss Baby: Family Business, both good). On the way, being half-starved, we stopped at McDonalds, also for the first time in about two years. (chicken nuggets and cheeseburger, both okay). I noticed what looked to me a lot like a wall cloud to the south, and as we waited at the stop light nearby, sure enough, a rotating funnel came down out of it.

Luckily I'd already heard cold air funnels might be developing, or I'd have squealed like a toddler and wanted to chase it. By the time we got to the drive-in it had vanished, but as we waited another one came down (or the same one again), so I zoomed my iPhone all the way in and managed to get a serviceable video.

Cold air funnels are kind of baby tornadoes, or maybe supersized dust devils. I've seen a few before, and even on those few occasions when they do touch ground, they rarely cause any damage. Just the same, I'd imagine they gave some people between Auburn and Fort Wayne a bit of a scare, if they happened to be looking up at the time.



book cover humor

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Got the Itch for Etsy? I have a Code

 My oldest daughter, Charis Koehl, has set up an Etsy account. Between the grand-twins and other factors she can't be away from home all that much, so this kind of thing is perfect for her--she's always been a creative type, which I'm going to take credit for under the "runs in the family" theory.

(The main difference is that she can do actual hands-on stuff; when I try that I usually end up doing hands-broke stuff.)

You can find her here:

 White Birch Lane Design, I like it. The name's based on a lane, which has white birches along it. Also, it's given me a better idea of what Etsy is. That may not seem like much, but I still have a Netscape manual at home.

I'm proud to say Charis named a line of kitchen decor stuff after me! Well, after my long-time humor column, "Slightly Off the Mark", which you've probably figured out became a blog. I wasn't sure of the connection at first, until I realized the items often include puns, which I'm known for, and towels, which I'm known for needing when I'm in the kitchen. I use them a lot--you can eat off my floor. Yep, I spill so much food you could eat off my floor.

I cannot lie: They're so me.


So here's the deal: I have my own coupon code! It's the big time. Go to Charis' Etsy, and get 10% off your Slightly Off the Mark collection order when you put in the code MARK10.

Also, if you order anything from Charis, on Etsy or in person, and then show me the proof (you know, like a photo), I'll give you 10% off the cost of any of our books! You have to buy the books, you understand, I won't just send you the difference. This is one of those ideas I had as I was typing this, and didn't run it by anyone, so I suspect it will end in disaster.

Anyway, in addition to the Etsy site Charis plans to sell her stuff in person at the Community Learning Center, which is at 401 E. Diamond Street in Kendallville, where they have a farmer's market type thing on Saturday mornings from 9-12.  (The exception is this coming Saturday, when she'll be at the Allen County Fair.) I'll pass on any new appearances or cool stuff that comes along.


Like any small business people, Charis and I appreciate your support. I've found that businesses always have trouble when they don't get ... business.