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Bellies to rub

This belly won’t rub itself:


Yes, I know I’m late for National Dog Day …


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Our New Website Is History

As part of the book release for Images of America: Albion and Noble County, we’ve decided to include some extras—bonus materials, especially for people who like history and/or local people. I mean for local people, not for people who like local people. This is going to be a separate website from www.markrhunter.com, although each has a link to the other. This is because the regular website can be a little challenging to update, and the male half of this writing team is a notorious Luddite.

There were three things we wanted to bring you:

More photos: historical ones that wouldn’t fit or that weren’t quite good enough quality, and modern pictures of historic localities. There are places with historical significance that aren’t represented in the book, and we hope to fix that. Also, you might see photos here of events at historical locations.

More information about historical places mentioned in the book. It’s so photo heavy, and the only place to write was chapter openings and captions—and you all know how wordy Mark can be.

Additions and corrections pointed out by readers. For instance, we’ve already learned more about one photo in the book, information that didn’t come until after it went to press.

So we now have a website called, to avoid confusion, Images of America: Albion and Noble County. It can be found here:


We’ve already put up a few photos, with more to come. Word will go out via blog whenever there’s an update—let us know what you think.

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First time at Barnes and Noblel

Visited the Barnes and Noble at Glenbrook Square in Fort Wayne and found this ...

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A Celebratory Snooze

It’s a big day today, a day worthy of celebration. I decided that on this particular Monday, I’ll do whatever the heck I want.

I want sleep.

This says less about me than about the fact that I worked overtime this weekend, and events left me with about half my normal snooze time. I wish I could say I was one of those people who could go on for days without sleep. In truth, I’m jealous of those people—I could sure get a lot more done, getting by on three hours a night. But I can barely go hours without sleep.

Today (early Monday, as I write this) is book launch day. It’s my seventh book, or ninth if you count the anthologies I’ve been in, but it’s as exciting as the first one. Maybe more: This is the first time I’ve had a solid, definite book release date. Whiskey Creek Press only gave me an approximate date for my three works with them, and in those cases the books went up for sale before I expected them to. With our self-published works I could just announce the launch whenever the order was ready, which cut down on the anticipation. Just the same, having a new book come out never gets old.

You know what gets old? Sleep apnea. Insomnia. Twelve hour shifts.

(Not insomnia during twelve hour shifts, mind you.)

Anyway, Arcadia gave me a concrete launch date: It says in my contract that any book in a customer’s hands before then will spontaneously combust. Customers hate that.

But thanks to preorders, early Monday Amazon rankings had me at #215 in state and local history books, which is really good, right? Right? So I think I deserve a solid nine hour sleep, followed by maybe a five hour nap.


Let’s face it, I was never a party animal. The music that gets my heart beating was composed by John Williams. My best-ever all-nighter was when I read Arthur C. Clark’s Rendezvous with Rama in one sitting. I get a hangover after drinking cough syrup.

Don’t get me wrong: I might still run uptown for a celebratory pizza. Sure, it could put me into a food coma—but that’s exactly what I’m going for.

I'm not wearing the sleep test stuff this time. Why? Because I want to actually sleep.

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